"Morality is a private and costly luxury." Henry Adams

"Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you're told."Morality is the ability to distinguish between what is right and wrong. However when we talk about morality, we not only allude to that knowledge but the then overpowering urge to adhere to righteousness, which is in actual the import of possessing morality.: To be able to align yourselves with what you consider right.
Henry Adam considers this sense of discretion to be a luxury.. a word we have oft heard in regards of expensive indulgences that provide comfort but are not essential for survival or even for a moderately comfortable life. So when he dubs morality to be a luxury what does he actually mean? Does he mean morality is expensive but then how so because we are not charged money for our decisions or per say?? Or does he mean that morality comes bearing comfort? If we scale morality against the word luxury as we often describe it, then it appears that morality does yield comfort. It does so by relievi…

Read Stories in Your Being!

Books tell tales.
We often talk about how books preserve stories from another time, era or region allowing you to experience what the writer went through and the mindset his ideas originated from.
But how often do we consider that the book may be confidante of the reader's life? How often do we consider that the book may be entrusted with another life, another tale within its pages, privy to itself alone, and thus the story becomes all the more precious for its claim on individuality.

Religious Intolerance Bred From Tolerance For Other Religions

I am shocked and appalled at the behaviour of fellow Muslims towards the shrines of Aulia-e-Allah which they wrongly believe to be the strongholds of shirk, thinking that masses of people worship these maza'arat. I wouldn't go in a long debate on this but if we learn the Ahadith of the Prophet P.B.U.H, these allegations would have nullified themselves before gaining any popularity. At one occasion holy Prophet P.B.U.H has been quoted to have said:

"By Allah! I am not afraid that you will worship others along with Allah after my death" (Bukhari - Volume 2, book 23, number 428).
Now what you believe is upon you but what I question is why do we teach religious harmony by propagating the celebration of Christmas (a festival which explicitly praises Hazrat Isa A.S as the son of Allah which is definitely shirk), dubbing it as religious tolerance and yet we act extremely intolerant towards sects in our own religion especially when we have no inside knowledge about them.
What b…

Respect Is Out Of Love!

Khamosh Ae Dil! Bhari Mehfil Mein Chillana Nahin Acha
Adab Pehla Qareena Hai Mohabbat Ke Qareenon Mein

Silent, O Heart! Crying in the full assembly is not good
Decorum is the most important etiquette among the ways of Love

(Allama Iqbal, Bang-e-dara: 058)

Mohabbat. Love. MOHABBAT. How often we go around telling others we love them and how seldom do we mean it. You may say you mean it every time and that your heart is boundless in its capacity to love and that we love many people for their many different attributes. I would not nullify any of these arguments because yes heart is akin to an abounding vessel that gushes with love but that does not mean every next person you meet "is love <3."Love is when you are completely smitten with somebody and here steps in the element of respect. If you really love somebody you admire them, silently from a distance. You follow their movements ardently just like a moth chases a light, attentively. One would ask why are you required to be si…

A Show of Faith or Carelessness?

I always enjoyed being a spectator of my life. It wasn't something inherent I had, this ability to watch from the sidelines, but it was carefully cultivated with gentle ministration of faith in the Superior. But sometimes I wonder if it is carelessness, selfishness that makes me so calm in all turmoils because I don't share anyone's pain? Have I grown to be cold hearted? Or maybe my parents are shielding me from all the heartache by absorbing it all for their own? I don't like this existence where everyone is fighting so furiously against fate but I stand still, meeting it like a welcome friend despite the grave news it bears. Tell me is it faith or carelessness because I want to know?

My Anger is Blind

How do you define anger in colours,
For my anger is blind?
My anger is a prison for my tears,
So it is a cocoon of insensitivity
That chooses to undermine my fears,
My hurt.
My anger is blind.

It was pruned to be so
With incessant jabs to my inner self.
I was picked on, bullied
And crying was a sure way to invite more fingers to myself.
So I learnt to lock my lips such that not a sigh escapes.
I fixed my eyes on a wall ahead,
Unblinkingly, so that the dozen tears swimming in my eyes did not catch light.
And even then I failed.
I was called a wimp,
A cry baby,
A pussy.
And all these became words I began to loathe.
So I switched to anger,
Angry exhibition of my inner self!
I screamed so that no one picks up the tremor in my voice.
I screamed and shouted,
And my wide eyes became an expression of fury and disrespect.
At least I was no longer a wimp,
A cry baby,
A pussy.
Till this day I cannot decide, whether being disrespectful, rude and temperate are any better words.

A Random Thought from 12th Jan'16

I am so sad to see the state of parents nowadays. The disrespect that they face from their children is so heart crushing but it's more tormenting to see other parents laugh at this mistreatment, unbeknownst, that somewhere in the unconscious of the child's mind they are encouraging this very disrespectful behavior towards themselves in their old age. It's pathetic how these parents laugh on the tragedy of fellow parents rather than mourning the plight all the parents are facing in near future and working towards averting it.